Christofle Paris

Lynda Rodríguez fue invitada por la firma francesa Christofle to be part of the Christofle Star Table Series, an ongoing monthly program utilizing renowned experts specializing in formal table top decorations and designs.

These tablescapes have been inspiring for Christofle clients to bring ideas and the latest trends for table settings to their homes when entertaining.

For nearly two centuries, Christofle has upheld its position as the foremost leader in the art of silver. An enduring symbol of luxury and refinement, silver continues to be a primary medium for expression, having served as a showcase for Christofle’s craftsmanship. With locations in more than 70 countries, Christofle is committed to maintaining its proud heritage, uniting time-tested excellence with a spirit of creativity that is always in step with modern trends.

Setting the table

Cocktail Party at Christofle Madison Avenue, New York City

Special recognition from Christofle

Christofle organized a special workshop with Lynda Rodríguez for Alda Foundation, New York City

In the media