Modern Etiquette and Social Education workshops for children, teens and adults, blending foundations from traditional formal etiquette adapted with simple and practical applications to use today.


"We try not to let you see etiquette with the stiffness and formality as it has been viewed in the past, but as a tool that brings confidence and balanced self-esteem to act gracefully in different environments."

Lynda Rodríguez
  • The workshop offers essential tools needed in business and social life. I was very surprised how interactive, useful and concise the workshop was.
    Alex Acra
    Social Etiquette Express Workshops
  • Very updated and modern. It is something that goes beyond what we’re used to seeing in etiquette and protocol courses. It focuses on girls’ self-esteem and topics relevant to them such as social media. I was fascinated.
    Johnmary Morales de Pichardo
    Ana Sofía's Mother
  • I never imagined how important learning etiquette tips were! They gave a plus to my life and I can apply them constantly in my social gatherings. Very practical and interesting!
    Sarah Alzugaray
    Social Etiquette Express Workshops
  • My daughter was very motivated and happy to participate in the workshop. She went to the classes filled with enthusiasm and she applies what she learned all the time. She also made new friends. I think it was an excellent investment!
    Belkis Cocco de San Miguel
    Maria De Lourdes's Mother

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